Just because. Tom getting an iPhone 6. And he’s very happy about that. :)

Cillian Murphy talks about working with Tom Hardy on Peaky Blinders. :)

A few more photos from the iPhone 6 launch today - Tom loves his phones, that’s for sure. :)

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley at the iPhone 6 launch today, in London.

From here:

Look who else got their hands on the new #iPhone6 today - New Peaky Blinders stars Tom Hardy and fiancee Charlotte Riley went to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London

Tom in London - seems he was out with the crowd to buy the new iPhone

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Calgary 2014 fall prep for The Revenant- wild out here

Tom at an airport in Canada today:

So just chilling having a beer with TOM HARDY before we both fly back to London 1st class no biggie (x)


Another beguiling portrait of Tom Hardy by Dustin Cohen.

(Ph session: Dustin Cohen for USA TODAY)

A cute little interview with Tom from the NYC screening of The Drop. Some interesting reveals about his method. *g*


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