Legend 2014

That’s Terence Stamp, isn’t it?

(Still on holiday, still VERY behind.)


Tom Hardy and Colin Morgan on the set of Legend in East London | 18 July 2014 


Legend 2014

I’m on vacation, so I’m not up to speed with tumblr…

Got to love this pose (I’m guessing, in character).

Also, my guess for the two different shoes would be because he hurt his ankle and so on that foot, he wears a steady, comfy shoe as much as he can. 

Another, because it’s beautiful. 

He’s such a proud daddy, isn’t he? :)

I had to. :)

And here’s a whole set of photos of Tom loving on Woody. ♥ ♥ 


Tom and Woody on the set of Legend. Adorable. :)

(Source: US Weekly)

Yet more from the set of Legend - most photographed set ever! *g*


Tom out of costume - into comfy, practical clothes. :)

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