Tom’s favourite things, part 4

Favorite Book(s): Anthony Lloyd ” My War Gone By”… to name one book cause their are plenty, can’t read enough, love reportage Don Mcullen’s “indecent behaviour”….”The Big Book”

Favorite PS2 Game(s): AhAh! GHOST RECON! Medal of Honour…First person shootem ups SOCOM NAVY SEalS…etc anything military, HITMAN2 was good too, And Boxing love boxing

Favorite Food(s): Cheese on toast/ roast beef and yorkshire puddings/ roast duck/ pork/ crackling/ Chinese/ American hot pizza/ Lobster/ d**n I love food, Spinach with soy sauce and sesame/ love japanese food….I Love eating…Though I mostly forget to. I should go eat something as it goes… -

Favorite Drink(s): Tea/ coffee/ Red Bull/ Fizzy water/ coke/ fruit

Favorite Website(s): THE TOM HARDY REALM. NET anything Dannie got, oh and the star wars kid after that or I checkout the news on coz that’s my girl. Sometimes i’ll even check out Sir Ian Mckellen’s just because there is no comparison…seeing as I’ll never be as good an actor as he is I still have him by the shorts

Since when is ‘fruit’ a drink, Tom? Ha! He LOVES food! And Ian McKellen!

All these favourite things found here and was written in 2003. Most likely posted on the defunct Realm site, mentioned. I’m so glad it was saved! :)


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    It’s okay Tommy, fruit’s one of my favorite drinks too.
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    He is literally the cutest.
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    So for his favorite food my mind only registered that “d*” as”*k” and I
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