Tom about his role in Gideon’s Daughter:

I was terrified first of all of getting anything wrong really, and I realised… I think what I realised because it’s… I’m not allowed to make any statements with somebody’s work which is so specific, but the attention to detail with the gadgets and being up to date with absolutely everything that the character that I had to play with it’s… new money. Like upwardly mobile, young, I don’t know, slightly androgynous…

Driven, yes, ambitious, narcissistic, vain character that I had… I was terrified of… because I didn’t really know… I’m not the most intelligent person. Do you know what I mean? So I didn’t really know the world that I was in. And I remember on the first day I was terrified to see Miranda and Bill, because I think they’re amazing and Stephen was there and he said ‘Tom, have you seen… did you see the procession? Did you see the flowers - Diana’s funeral?’ And I was like ‘No, I’m sorry, I was in Greece.’ And Miranda said ‘what, the musical?’ [laughter] It’s like… ‘thanks.’ So I wasn’t the sharpest cookie in the box. And Andrew had to be, so I was fighting a losing battle. The sort of new economic policies… little things I’d snatched from like being fifteen and thinking ‘oh, these people who make money … coming from nowhere.’ Do you know what I mean? They have to run companies and suddenly become huge great PR gurus and stuff. It could well be me… I don’t know anything, I would have blagged it… So I’ll hide behind a suit and a tie, and lie… which is what I do anyway… lying…

'I'm not the most intelligent person'. What in the world is he talking about? Anyone who's heard this man speak KNOWS he's got brains. He may not be eduacated, though, and perhaps that is what he means. Still, Tom, you are pretty damn smart, dude!

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