A little Italian interview with Tom from Venice, translated with the help of google (HQ photo thanks to Ethxx!)

At thirty-six years, Hardy has the talent and a reputation for being a moody chameleon, something which is confirmed at the Lido. He cancels and reconfirms the interview five times within a few hours. In person he is incredibly nice. He explains that the script was thirty pages which became ninety “three days before the shoot. The preparation was pure panic. I traveled by car with a friend of mine for miles, I tried to do like I would in theater. On set I didn’t know the lines by heart, I read them before each scene.”

The director attributes the humanity of the protagonist to Hardy who keeps the audience transfixed by his face for ninety minutes. “I thought of a Welsh sailor, with a beard, a captain who can steer the ship during the storm.”

The film’s producers confess disappointment: “We were just a step away from the competition, but Barbera decided otherwise. It’s a pity, especially for Tom, we wanted an award for him,” says Bonnie Voland.

In fact, Hardy is unrecognizable from the days of “Bronson”, the cult film by Nicolas Winding Refn, in which he starred with a shaved head and a mustache. Great theatrical training followed by success, the actor entered a spiral of crack and alcohol. It ended ten years ago. On his arm he has written in Italian, “beautiful son.”

"When you become a father you never go back, it’s a momentous change, you can hardly remember what you were like before you became one. I wanted it in Italian because it is a language that I love."

The consecration to superstar will come with the new Mad Max trilogy in the role that was Mel Gibson’s. “I know the fans are waiting at the gate. I play every role with the same passion and ethics. So far it has led to good things.”

(Source: trovacinema.repubblica.it)


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