An interview with Tom Hardy in Total Film, May 2014. 

With many, many fabulous quotes as always! And seems he’s doing a lot more work on anti-poaching. Yay!

You also produce documentaries, including Poaching Wars. What does this bring you?

They’re research files. So what I’ll do is if I go and research characters, I’ll go out and open up my research file. So the homework I have to do for characters, I might as well make a documentary about it at the same time. It’s very hard for an actor, if you’re working constantly from film to film to film, to get life experience. By doing the documentary, I get to go out and have my life experience, and record it and package it, put it out there and open up the door to my research department. So when you see me playing a character, you know I’ve done the work.

Can you expand on that?

The African one is to do with conservation and rhino poaching and elephant poaching, and animal trafficking. But I have a considerable amount of work in the next five or six years on this subject. So the ITV documentary was a litmus test, a basic introduction to it. At the moment, I’ve got lads embedded in Kenya, with the Kenyan wildlife security forces, doing a very graphic documentary. I’ve got another thing going on in Thailand and several other documentaries going on, which I’m not necessarily fronting. I’ve got two movies which are being written, and a TV series in development. Some films I intend to act in and some I intend to produce; and also this is not just for the art, it’s also a very important message to be told. There are downstream charities and organisations from the core project, where we intend to fence off Somalia from Kenya, through to arming anti-poaching units, to finding new ways of speaking to governments. Leo [DiCaprio] does an awful lot of work with conservation, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma – it’s a big topic of change. I don’t want it to sound worthy, but one thing feeds the other. The left hand feeds the right hand. That which happens in life we reflect in art, and my job is to reflect. And if I’m not on the ground, how can I talk about it? So I have to get on the ground a little bit. Wherever that is.


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