Two reviews of Locke with wonderful (and very deserved) praise for Tom’s performance. 

From Little White Lies magazine:

Steven Knight’s Locke just about fulfils its remit as a movie, thanks to a stunning, casually restrained central performance from Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, an ace building site foreman and family man who has to travel to London to attend to a sorry little accident. A pure dialogue piece that comes across as a clever stage play transposed directly to the big screen, the film consists entirely of Hardy coolly traversing conversation strands, attempting to preserve his crumbling marriage and precarious job in the space of an eventful 90-minute evening jaunt. 

Hardy’s lead turn proves he’s currently one of the most intense and dramatically flexible performers working today.

From Filmstalker

[Tom Hardy is] a fantastic actor and he delivers another great character performance here that holds you throughout. I loved his choice of accent, his mannerisms and the way he spoke to the people on the phone to try and manipulate them to his way of thinking. His performance is like a stage actor commanding the audience for the entirety of the play, and he’s fantastic with that responsibility. This could be one of his best performances in his career.

That character is played wonderfully by Tom Hardy who helps bring him to life and make you connect with him so quickly. You feel his pain and anxiety at the situation he faces and he delivers some of the very realistic dialogue flawlessly. I can’t praise him enough in this role as he commands the screen and delivers a performance that at times feels as powerful as a Shakespearean stage play.

Locke is a highly recommended film and is a film that must be seen for its original and extremely clever scripting and direction, as much as for Tom Hardy’s powerful and quietly thrilling performance.


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