Tom Hardy talking about singing like Elton John:

Tom Hardy isn’t scared to belt out a few tunes.

The British hardman, whose past roles have included psychotic criminal Charles Bronson in Bronson and Batman baddie Bane, will be playing Sir Elton John in a new a biopic of the flamboyant singer’s life.

Tom has previously admitted that his voice isn’t up to scratch, but now laughs that the line was just a cover in case people don’t like his versions of the pop classics. “That’s been zeroed in on. I’m not actually terrified of singing,” Tom told British newspaper The Sun. “I wouldn’t be doing it if I was. I just haven’t sung yet, so what I’m trying to do is tee off failure before it happens!”

Tom will step into Elton’s silver platform shoes in Rocketman, a larger-than-life movie based on Elton’s journey from five-year-old musical prodigy to becoming the bestselling star of his era.

“It takes a while to build the character — and obviously someone like Elton is a big job! There will be songs that I’ll have to learn. It will be impossible not to play the piano in front of Elton at some point, seeing as he is producing it. But he’s kind and it’s a movie,” Tom said.

The film is still in its developmental stages and hasn’t yet got a release date, so in the meantime, Tom has returned to his villainous routes in Legend. He takes on the role of both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the twin brothers who were at the forefront of crime in London during the ’50s and ’60s. “I’ve never played two people before so I’m excited. Will I pull it off? If you don’t try, you don’t know, do you?” he mused. “The amount of history and stories that are around, there are so many truths, mistruths, myths and fabrications — it’s very hard to put your finger on it all. Ultimately, I’m going to make decisions at some point because the Krays belong to everybody in many ways. They could say, ‘Why are you doing a film that glorifies gangsters?’ At the same time, gangster movies have been made for years and it’s something we find fascinating.”

Speaking about his love for the Channel 4 show, he said: “I’m into ‘Come Dine With Me’ at home, religiously. I’m an absolute fanatic. I put it on for the dogs as well when I go out. They’ve got to feel that someone’s in the house.”

The 36-year-old actor also revealed that ‘Come Dine With Me’ isn’t the only trash TV he likes to keep up-to-date with. Quizzed on whether he’d seen ‘Dinner Date’, he told The Sun newspaper: “Oh yeah, I watch that, it’s great as well. I am an absolute sucker for that. Guilty pleasures are good. There’s so much serious going on, it’s nice to offset serious with not so serious.”



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