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Tom signing autographs in New York. 

Also, a couple of quotes from Tom from here:

“I can hold a tune like Sasquatch,” he joked to us, while adding that he wasn’t intimidated by the challenge: “It’s [not] ridiculous like Superman, I won’t be flying.”

With Ben joining the ranks of movie Batmen, we asked Tom to choose his favorite. “I’ve already worked with Batman,” Tom said proudly. “Christian was my Batman, I’m very loyal.”

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s film version of The Trip to Italy has been screened in Sundance. 

And if you go here you can watch a hilarious clip from it. Including their impressions of Michael Caine and Christian Bale and Tom Hardy being unintelligable in The Dark Knight Rises. Ha! So damn funny.  I can’t stop laughing!

"I’m not going to bury another Batman. I will not do it."  "How many Batmans have you buried?" 

Rob Brydon does come to Tom’s rescue saying he’s a wonderful actor. And Steve Coogan says he’s ‘scarily good’. :D

Speaking of - I suspect it’s probably just me - but I’ve completely missed this photo from the set of The Dark Knight Rises - with both the Batman stunt double and the Bane double. And Tom demonstrating his sign language skills… *g*

Tom Hardy & Christian Bale photoshoot for TDKR:


Christian Bale & Tom Hardy #03


Christian Bale & Tom Hardy #02

I love this photo. Christian & Tom are giggling like crazy and Nolan is completely oblivious and serious. :D


This looks quite kinky. Who knew those superheroes and supervillains had such inclinations?

Also, is that the make up over Tom’s tattoos which is looking weird on Tom’s arm? It looks like it’s coming off…


Christian Bale & Tom Hardy #01

Brilliant, thanks! :)

Another version (with less text!) of this lovely photo of Tom Hardy, Christian Bale & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

My scan! :)

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