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Tom Hardy shows off his own t-shirt design for Dead Legacy. Proceeds go to Help for heroes!


Warm words from Mike Ruddock of EBGames in Calgary
Wow what a day I just got to meet one of my favorite actors Tom Hardy. You may know him as Bain from The Dark Knight Rises. Really awesome guy! Nice to see Hollywood doesn’t corrupt everyone.
And this from jacktasticjangs
Internet. Behold! #tomhardy dropped by the local EB games to kill some time while filming his new movie. He’s a really nice and awesome dude. He’s also #bane and one of my favorite actors of the last decade. Just watch #bronson and you will understand


Calgary Shooting prep..2014

Peaky Blinders: 2x03 


#TBT - Tom Hardy photographed by Richard Phibbs (2008) (x)

Ah, this is my favourite of this lot! Glad to see it bigger. :D

A little video of Taron Egerton commenting on his role in Legend. He plays ‘Ron Kray’s lover’.

I hope he got to make out with Tom. For his sake AND mine. Because I’d really like to see that. *g*

I went on to play Tom Hardy’s boyfriend in the Krays movie.

- Taron Egerton talks about the fact that he filmed Legend with Tom Hardy (as one of Ronnie Kray’s boys) after filming Testament of Youth. And is most proud. Colin Morgan is jealous that he didn’t get that part instead.

BTW, I never noticed that carpet beater before, what, pray tell, was Ronnie Kray doing with that? All of it looks very kinky indeed. *g*

(Photo credit to tomhardydotorg! Press conference from here.)

Tom on the set of Warrior!

With Manuel Espinosa (and I don’t know the other guy).

Tom Hardy achieved something impressive last night: he managed to be the most menacing person in Peaky Blinders (BBC2), a series in which everyone is capable of slicing someone else’s face off without prior notice. Hardy was Mr Solomons of the Camden Jews, with whom the Shelbys of Birmingham are looking to side in the war with the Italians. He was even scary from behind, which is how he made his entrance, walking away from the camera toward his first meeting with Thomas Shelby.

“I’ve heard very bad, bad, bad things about you Birmingham people,” he said. Shelby, who’d only had a four-day canal trip to recover from the beating he took in episode one, did look pretty bad.

The only problem with Hardy’s brief appearance was that I kept hoping he’d turn up again, and he didn’t. It was a fantastic performance, compelling and funny in a way that made you afraid to laugh. “Bone, mush, bone, cabinet,” is how he described the path of a potential bullet from a gun he was pointing at Shelby’s head. I held my breath for most of his time on screen.

- From The Guardian.

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